Acquisition of a resort (or any business) can be a complex undertaking. You’re looking to acquire a property or operating company that will best move your strategy forward. From uncovering unique targets that closely meet your key acquisition criteria to closing the deal, we facilitate the process from start to finish.

You may already be in discussions with a target company or perhaps you are taking the first steps toward a target search. Either way, Mirus moves the process forward to reach a superior outcome that realizes all of your acquisition objectives. With Mirus at your side, you are able to concentrate on running your company while our professionals guide all aspects of the acquisition.

The Mirus process for acquisitions extends from the development of your strategy to its execution. Because successful acquisitions are the result of well-conceived and well-executed integration plans, we help clients plan for, as well as, implement their transaction strategy. To identify acquisition candidates, we undertake a comprehensive search based on our client's strategic, geographic, operational and financial criteria. Potential candidates are evaluated to determine which opportunities should command the highest priority, and once the client has expressed interest in a given target, Mirus performs a thorough analysis of the business, its competitive position and future prospects. From the drafting of the letter of intent to the closing, Mirus then acts as both quarterback and coach, moving the process forward while at the same time evaluating the due diligence materials that may confirm or disprove our initial conclusions.