We all woke up this morning, after going to sleep late, anticipating we’d know who won. (The presidential election, among other elections.). Well, we don’t. We cannot guess who will win. That makes us anxious. Perhaps even testy.

Well, Folks, my intuition, my observation is/are that we have some time ahead of us before we know, definitively who will occupy the White House for the next Presidential Term.

My (free) advice

1. Stay calm
2. Stay civil
3. Stay peaceful
4. Be nice
5. If necessary, go to your happy place, because being anxious and/or angry will change nothing.
6. Be confident that just about one half of the voting population of America will be dissatisfied with the election outcome. The other half will be sort of happy, at least for a while.
     1. Act as though you’ve won before
     2. Act as though you’ve lost before

We live in a unique awesome country. We and it have our quirks. Elections are one of the quirks. Take in the theater, remember its lessons and carry on.

Two New Members Named to Board of Directors


ski and snowboard hall of fame logo

"We are happy to bring in two more great industry people to help push our mission forward and assist staff especially during this pandemic" said Ingemie, adding "Mike and Christine bring so much with them that will help us raise money and hold extraordinary events honoring the new elected members each year".

“I am honored to be selected to fill a seat on the United States Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Board of Directors.", remarked Krongel, adding "I look forward to fulfilling the Hall of Fame’s goals of preserving skiing history, saluting members of the Alpine/Nordic & Snowboarding communities, as well as those members of Skiing/Riding/Cross Country areas and resorts that have contributed to the sports in exceptional ways.  This is a meaningful opportunity to give back to the sports and business that has been very good to me and my family for the past 50 (+) years.”

"Keeping a diverse board is of top-priority for us at the Hall" explained Ingemie. "Having representation from all genre's of the sports and a good geographic, gender and racial mix is critical" he added. "There are so many different groups that need to be involved and we are always looking to be sure we include everyone in all that we do - especially the board, the selection committee and voting panel. Inclusion is something we take very seriously" he concluded.

The Hall's Executive Director, Justin Koski added "Christine has been a friend of the Hall forever and I am very excited to get her more involved - especially with events! She's a genius and will be a huge asset for me and the organization" adding also that "I had not previously met Michael but he comes highly recommended and his financial wheelhouse is something we really need to be able to tap into right now!".

Donovan commented "I look forward to contributing to further the development of USSSHOF board in its preservation of snowsports history. Collaborating to develop diverse and enthusiastic members from across the country and bringing them together to celebrate the industries athletes, pioneers and visionary’s past, present and future!

Other board members include: Chairman, David Ingemie, Tom Anderson, Andy Bigford, Mike Bisner, Raelene Davis, Brian Fairbank, Genia Fuller, Peter Graves, Dave Holli, Bill Irwin, Tom Kelly, Steve Kircher, Bob Orbacz, Matt Palomaki, Tom Peterson, Bill Quigly, Charlie Sanders, David Scott and Frida Waara. 

New Board Director Bio's


Christine Donovan (Bedford, Ma.) - Christine's passion for skiing started early in the mountains of NH, VT and ME. As Director of Store Planning for one of New England’s premier retailers until 2000, she successfully rolled out new stores and directed managers and department heads in execution of company goals and plans.

Donovan later joined BEWI Productions Inc. in 2006 as Vice President where she coordinated new event ventures, marketed the consumer shows in Denver and Boston and assisted with all company events, expo sales, sponsorships, and office administration.

In 2019, BEWI sold the expo's to SIA and Christine remains an outside contractor assisting in the transition. Donovan and her husband, Michael are lifelong New Englanders, and proud parents of two young men, both avid skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.




mikeMichael J. Krongel (Newton, Ma.) is a life long skier. His professional career incorporated his passion for skiing since 1968.  Starting as an instructor and entering a management training program at Killington after earning his undergrad degree, Krongel has spent over 50 years  in ski resort operations, development, acquisition and  disposition.

Krongel has participated in the growth of resorts such as those owned by Sherburne Corp., and  American Skiing Company.  Presently Mike focused upon  facilitating transactions for buyers and sellers of ski areas and resorts and finding third parties to develop real estate opportunities at resorts. Mike lives in Newton, MA is married with two children and two grandchildren.







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March 27, 2020

Unprecedented. As I enter my 71st year on our good Earth, unprecedented. How a virus can stop life as we know it; Unprecedented. Yep, we all know that. We know where we are at this moment. In the next moment, things will change. Change is our new norm, for the foreseeable future. This perpetual, constant change will hurt some of us more than others. To those that are more damaged than others and require help: ASK. Family, Friends, Colleagues, Business Associates are here to help as best they can. You are not alone.

There are some things we can all do to be helpful/useful.

1. Follow the guidance being provided by the medical/scientific community.
2. Look out for one another and help when you can.
3. Be as generous, positive, caring, civil as possible.

Sometime, the pandemic will subside, commerce will re-engage, employment will commence, we will mourn our losses and celebrate our survival. Change will continue, perhaps at a slower pace.

Until then, for those of you with whom I have a “business relationship”, here are some thoughts for your consideration:

1. Decide how you are going to save your business
2. Decide if you are in a position to help your employees in these times:
          a. How?
          b. For how long?
3. Engage with your professional advisors:
          a. Accountants – Cost Cutting
          b. Lawyers – Legal Obligations/Legal Opportunities
          c. Bankers – Lines of Credit/Refinance Existing Debt
4. Engage with your vendors:
          a. Ask for accommodation
          b. Be fair with them
          c. Remember, we are still in business, we’ll need each other again
5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate:
          a. Guests
          b. Employees
          c. Local Government
          d. Suppliers

Mirus Resort Advisors is available to listen, counsel, share thoughts on who might be out there to help solve problems and situations that (possibly) arise as a result of the current pandemic/economic fallout.
Give a call, even if it is just to vent. For those of you who plan or planned on selling your life’s work: give a call and we can discuss the pros and cons of selling at this time and what needs to be done, no matter when a sale process is undertaken, to effect a sale of your enterprise.

I wish you good health, clear thoughts, and the ability to look forward to a re-emergence of a positive normalcy.

My good wishes

Michael J. Krongel

November 15, 2018

Recent attention in the cold weather resort space has been focused upon the consolidation of resort and area ownership. What’s happening in the realm of real estate development at ski areas and resorts has fallen off the newswires. The following is a bit of what is going on in the world of cold weather resort real estate development.

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