We all woke up this morning, after going to sleep late, anticipating we’d know who won. (The presidential election, among other elections.). Well, we don’t. We cannot guess who will win. That makes us anxious. Perhaps even testy.

Well, Folks, my intuition, my observation is/are that we have some time ahead of us before we know, definitively who will occupy the White House for the next Presidential Term.

My (free) advice

1. Stay calm
2. Stay civil
3. Stay peaceful
4. Be nice
5. If necessary, go to your happy place, because being anxious and/or angry will change nothing.
6. Be confident that just about one half of the voting population of America will be dissatisfied with the election outcome. The other half will be sort of happy, at least for a while.
     1. Act as though you’ve won before
     2. Act as though you’ve lost before

We live in a unique awesome country. We and it have our quirks. Elections are one of the quirks. Take in the theater, remember its lessons and carry on.