When the time comes to realize the financial value of your hard work and investment in a resort property, Mirus Resort Advisors will provide you with multiple options to help you make an informed decision. We judge a successful sale by our ability to meet and exceed your objectives, whether your goals focus on value, cultural fit, development plans, future upside, liquidity, or other important transaction characteristics. We create a market for your closely-held businesses, bringing to the table multiple investors and buyers from inside and outside the industry.

In preparation for the sale, we provide an indicative value for your business based on several factors, including historical and potential earnings, property value, development potential, and operating assets.

Mirus prepares a comprehensive descriptive memorandum that highlights the Resort's strategic and financial value, and proactively answers many of the common due diligence questions that buyers have. We analyze the business operations, the competitive environment, and the development opportunities to identify a range of potential buyers based on business fit, demographics, and the strategic rationale for an acquisition. We then go a step further and identify a number of less obvious buyers, which may pay a premium in order to move into a new market or pick up a valuable brand.

We then contact prospective buyers and qualify their interest. Most importantly, we manage all aspects of the sale process, putting confidentiality agreements in place, distributing information, responding to questions, and coordinating site visits and meetings. Our experience in managing this process not only ensures the best outcome, but it also enables your management team to focus on operating the business while we focus on executing the transaction.