Welcome to Mirus Resort Advisors.

  • Mirus Resort Advisors puts buyers and sellers of resort, recreation and hospitality
    enterprises together to effect mutually beneficial and mutually acceptable transactions between the parties.
  • Mirus Resort Advisors finds joint venture partners for those operators who are looking for capital or expertise or both to enhance their operations.
  • Mirus Resort Advisors finds developers for site owners who have development opportunities, but not the desire to pursue the development.
  • Mirus Capital Advisors, Inc./ Mirus Securities, Inc. performs business valuations for all types of business enterprises.

These are the key areas that we at Mirus focus upon. Much of the work done by Mirus is done under the veil of a confidentiality agreement. Not every engagement is made public. It is healthier for Mirus Clients to operate under the radar so as not to cause undue interruption to their business and undue stress to their employees, suppliers, and communities.

A typical engagement for Mirus Resort Advisors might be the sale of a family owned and operated resort to the next Owner or Owner Operator. It might be a sale under duress, it might be a sale in a seller’s market. It might be identifying a real estate developer or developers to build out a planned and permitted real estate opportunity at the base of a resort, find an investor/operator for an outdoor year around recreation facility. It could be representing a Buyer looking to expand its portfolio of enterprises. It could even be pointing out who is lending in the market that a client is operating in.

In the past four years, Mirus has referred prospective clients to investment bankers, commercial lenders and potential investors who could better serve those clients’ needs. Mirus Resort Advisors does not do it all. If we don’t believe we can best serve a client’s needs, we say so and recommend others who might better serve the client.

The principal of Mirus Resort Advisors has been employed in and engaged in the cold weather resort business for many years. I started as a ski instructor in 1967 and has served many functions at ski areas since. I have history, contacts, experience and the passion necessary to operate in this environment. Need a suggestion on who might fill a position at your resort? Want to know who has experience in planning, permitting, snowmaking, time share, fractional sales and developments? Give me a call. I have a pretty deep data base to call upon.

I’d appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Please reach out to Mirus Resort Advisors or Mirus Capital Advisors, Inc. when we can be of service.